About Home Ed

I am home educated! Probably not something you hear every day. I just thought it would be an important part of having this blog to tell you about my life.

I started my home education journey about a year ago, I would definitely recommend it. I have made lots of new friends.

What I’m guessing most people think about home education is that you sit alone by a fireplace drinking tea! Well you're wrong; you get to meet new people, go on trips, travel the world and choose what you want to learn.

A typical week for me is:  Rock climbing, creative writing, textiles, drama, science, maths, English, childcare, film studies, history, geography, computer studies.

I do a combination of private home ed groups and Interhigh which is an online private school.  I also have extra maths help as I suck at maths!

People are often curious as to why I started being home ed.  Basically my friend at my old school left to become home educated.  At the time we didn’t even know it existed!  My mum (Lilach) is good friends with his mum and we started learning more about it. I wasn’t really enjoying school anymore – lots of drama’s with other children; bullies and not being able to learn due to lots of distractions in class.

I still get asked if I have any friends?!  And if I miss it.  I just say No!  I

love being home educated and wouldn’t give it up for the world 🙂


What is home education? 

Home Education is when your parents or someone teaches you instead of school teaches you. Home Education is a great reason to take a child out of school if they are unhappy and or being bullied. It’s also ideal for children who have learning difficulties.  It can help the child emotionally, but you have to make sure you interact with other people. Which is so easy as there are so many home ed groups throughout the world and everyone is so friendly and social.   Home educated children can choose what subjects they learn and when.

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