Bat Mitzvah

Hi everyone! Welcome back, I’m glad you stayed this long!

Anyway, let’s get on with what I want to talk about today. My Bat Mitzvah, wow typing that when its less then 5 weeks away is starting to become so scary.   The reason why I’m scared is it’s a big thing to me and my family. And to make it even more stressful is that I’m sharing it with Marketa Zimmerman, who sadly perished in the Holocaust. Yad Vashem is a charity that twins children similar age who were unable to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Marketa has the same birthday as me too.

Every day for the past two years I’ve been practicing my Torah portion and prayers.  I must admit, I couldn’t read Hebrew before so was very nervous and anxious.  I now sing my prayers every day!

To be honest, I’m very nervous about the big day.  I want to make my family and friends proud of me.   Especially my Papa who has been very poorly recently.  When he got sick, this was a real major set back for me as I used to practice my Torah portion with him and he’s been such a big help.  I’ve been very worried about him but thankfully he’s starting to feel better.

My Mum has put so much of her time into organizing the party.  I probably don’t say thank you to her enough, but the word “Thank you” is too small. I am so excited to start writing the speeches to present at the party the next day, to celebrate me reading from the Torah. There are 3 reasons: 1) I get to say thank you to everyone, 2) The family comes together on a day, 3) I get to give a gift to my mum, and dad.


What is a bat mitzvah?

What is a Bat Mitzvah you may be wondering.  I wrote about it here more!  A Bat Mitzvah is when you reach the age of 13 and read from the Torah, sounds simple, right? Well for starters it’s not!  Reading and leading a service (in Hebrew) in front of people you know and love and not wanting to make a mistake is a lot of pressure. But the amount of work and preparation you do makes it much easier to cope.  Every day I’m feeling more confident although am still very nervous!  One of the reasons a lot of people have one and do all the work for it is for the party.  It’s quite sad but in most cases its true. It really is a significant time in a child’s life (when in Judaism you become an adult).

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