Hi, I’m Emily Bullock, a lover of cats and all things kawaii. My parents say that my love of cats has been with me since I was a little baby. Me and my best friend love everything to do with kawaii and anything cat related.

I don’t really like biography’s, they are like a story all about the writer and nothing else, I believe they should be fun and quirky.

Where do you live? Bedfordshire, England
How old are you? 13
Where do you go to school? Home educated
Favourite quote? “Be the change you want to see in world”- Mahatma Gandhi

What’s your favourite cat breed? Norwegian Forest Cat
Life goals?  My main goals in life are to be able to live a healthy life and to have fun with my friends and family. I would love to make a difference to the world.

Fears? Massive spiders and wasps
Favourite music:  K-pop at the moment
Favourite Disney film:  Lion King
Favourite colour:  Pastel blue
Favourite food:  Pizza

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