I was a cute kid right?

2016 Israel

Running along the beach in Tel Aviv, the sand in my toes, that was a pain to get off! The sun in my eyes I was almost blind. The sand was so hot I was jumping around. I couldn't wait to get into the sea, then I got splashed but that is a whole other story.

Hello Humans, welcome! This blog I have created has everything about me. By now you’ve probably guessed I’m home educated. If you want to learn more about home ed then check out my pages and blogs too.

It’s been cringey finding photo’s for this blog… looking at past baby pictures and those naked in the bath tub!

I’m looking forward to blogging and sharing my journey with you. From home ed to my upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Travelling (watch out USA… I’m coming soon!) and hopefully lots of cool things in between!

I hope you enjoy my blog and learning more about me. Don’t be shy and come and say hi.


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